Vær hilset,

I am an astrophysicist studying the inner workings of bright, frantically star forming galaxies across the Universe. I am based at the Oscar Klein Center in Stockholm, Sweden, and collaborate with researchers across the World. You can find more about my research here.

My research is focused on the properties and evolution of Starburst galaxies and how they have influenced the evolution history of the Universe from a few hundred million years after the Big Bang and up till today. I am particularly interesting in using Gravitational Lensing as a sort of “natural telescope” to study extremely distant, but highly magnified, starburst galaxies as if they were close by. I am also interested in the phenomenon of Supermassive Black Holes, and their relation to star formation and how they can disrupt the interstellar medium of their host galaxies.

Currently, I am funded by a 4-year grant from Vetenskapsrådet / Swedish Research Council, to search for and study gravitationally lensed starbursts that are leaking ionizing UV light into the Universe, using cool toys such as the JWST the Hubble Space Telescope, and the ESO Very Large Telescope. Before this, I was a postdoc at Stockholm University, working with Matthew Hayes, working on Lyman Continuum emitters in the Hubble Ultra Deep Field; and a postdoc at the University of Oslo, Norway, working with Håkon Dahle on gravitationally lensed starburst galaxies.

I earned my Ph.D. from Stockholm University in December 2016, working with Göran Östlin, and my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the DARK Cosmology Center at the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark, working with Johan Fynbo.

I grew up a bookish redneck in the countryside near Faaborg, a small town in southern Denmark. I now live with my American wife and our two kids.

Testing ox-hugo capture template

So it does not add date to the file name. But does it actually show the file name in the right order on the blog? 🥬🌊…

Code testing

from astropy.io import fits

def my_function(my_arg, my_kwarg=None, *args, **kwargs):
    return my_arg

A little verse

This is a very cute little verse that I wrote once, isn’t it cute?

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Hallo hallo

Nå så kan det være det kan blive til noget hvad